Remington Ammunition For Sale

Remington Ammunition For Sale

Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval Payment Options: Buyer shall pay the Purchase price in full within seven 7 days following the reciept of your e-mailed invoice. Sale is not final until good funds for all amounts due, are collected by us. Payment may be made in: Purchases picked up in San Francisco or shipped to a California address are subject to California sales tax unless purchaser holds a valid resale certificate. Upon transfer of title, Buyer assumes full responsibility, including risk of loss and damage, for the Property. Purchased Property shall be removed at Buyer’s expense within fifteen 15 days after the sale becomes final. Payment is due within 7 days. Harbor Blvd Anaheim, CA Special Terms All Property and every lot for sale in our catalog is offered subject to the following terms and conditions, along with any changes that may be published or announced prior to or during a sale by Greg Martin Auctions. The terms “Martin” “us,” “we,” or “our” as used herein all refer to Greg Martin Auctions.

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All Property is sold as-is, where is. All Sales are Final. The bidder is responsible for determining all aspects of the item they are bidding on.

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This board has 1 moderator On This Board You cannot reply to threads. You cannot create polls. Hello to all Oct 8, Does anybody know of, seen or owned a Standard Arms Co in any calibre other than 25, 30 or 35 Remington and the 50 calibre shot? Feb 17, Does anyone know of, seen or owned a standard arms cartridge other than 35 Remington? Empty magazine in a burst.

May 1, I’m looking to sell my Globeco Mohawk and my Remington Rolling Block 4 or 6, it was made in If interested please email me daddywildman72 gmail. I ripped 5 ‘at the moon’ last night out of my dom

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Our privacy policy We are a shop in West Sussex on the South coast. Our shop is easy to get to with plenty of parking. We accept cash and cards. Many of the products are available for mail order. Boys and their toys! If you think pre charged pneumatic air gun shooting is too expensive then have a look at this

45 Long Colt Ammo For Sale The Colt cartridge is a handgun cartridge dating to It began as a black-powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver, but is offered as a magnum-level, handgun hunting round in modern usage.

Germany vase; Royal Doulton Penelope figurine; bird figurine No. Ford Genuine Batteries Display; Ca. Anheuser Busch Wooden Crate and Bottles; ; 11 inches height x Steele Hardware Ford Co. Blue Grass Tools Crusader Wall Display; mid 20th century; 24 inches height x 12 inches width; original wooden wall display, overall condition is excellent and original, needs cleaning Lot Remington Pocket Knife Box; Ca. Vintage Cigarette Lighters Zippo; mid 20th century; 3 Zippo lighters, all appear to be excellent and original Lot Genuine Ford Fan Belts Tin Litho Display; mid 20th century; 7 inches height x 32 inches width; original tin litho display, has staining throughout, otherwise excellent Lot Vintage Mountain Dew Inflatable Raft; mid 20th century; appears to be new old stock, unopened, and displayed in original box Lot Robeson Shur Edge Cutlery Pocket Knife Countertop Showcase; mid 20th century; 17 inches height x 18 inches width x 10 inches depth; original wooden slant front countertop showcase, has original back door, overall condition is excellent and original Lot

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Make sure it is a and not a The has a stepped receivertop [similar to a Browning A-5] where the has the smoothreceiver top [similar to a Remington ]. They are both take downmodels. To take apart the , unload the firearm, cycle the boltto the rear of the receiver, turn the knurled portion of themagazine tube outward until the nut at the base of the magazinetube clears the receiver comfortably.

The Monarch This tool was designed in the 70’s and still remains popular today. It isn’t the easiest label gun to operate and we normally suggest new users order a different price gun.

Fully figured walnut stock with Anson-release beavertail forend, pistol grip, classic point-pattern checkering and teardrops. Scalloped, bolstered, coin- finished receiver, with bushed firing pins, concealed third fastener and manual top tang safety with S inlaid in gold. Regulation of Double Rifles – If the two barrels of a double-barrel shotgun shot 3″ apart at 25 yards, not many people would notice because the pattern from each barrel, spreading two feet across at that range, would largely overlap.

If, on the other hand, the two barrels of a double rifle shot 3″ apart at 25 yards, it would probably shoot 6″ apart at 50 yards and 12″ apart at yards, limiting its utility. One cannot build a double rifle, using sophisticated mass-production machinery with barrels perfectly parallel and expect both barrels to shoot to a common point of impact. While the bullet is traveling down the right barrel of a side-by-side double rifle the rifle will be pushed up and to the right, throwing the bullet up and to the right when it exits the muzzle.

While the bullet is traveling down the left barrel, the rifle will be pushed up and to the left, throwing the bullet up and to the left when it exits the muzzle. To compensate for the movement of a double rifle while bullets are traveling down the barrels, it must be built with the barrels converging towards the muzzle by a mysterious amount. Because different powder charges, bullet weights, rifle weights, shooter body weights, ambient temperatures, etc.

This process is called regulation. The goal of regulation is to make the rifle shoot both barrels to a common point of impact at a range appropriate for the calibre. One can proceed generally in either of two ways: If one has a fixed load in mind, the former method must be used. It involves repetitive unsoldering and resoldering the barrels until the required convergence is achieved, then relaying the ribs and finally refinishing the barrels.

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Post War Ammunition Boxes. The older type boxes had rectangular ridges, large lettering, Army Ordnance Corps markings and model numbers embossed into the metal. The tops were generally shaped to receive the base of another box of the same type for better stacking.

Two full boxes (40 rounds) of vintage Remington Ammo in the red and green box. grain soft points. These are new old stock and not reloads. The boxes show some shelf wear but the ammo is .

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If you would like us to send you an email whenever we add new stock please enter your email address below and click GO. The phrase basket-type hilts refers to a large group of hilts which provide a degree of protection to the hand and wrist. Basket-hilted swords have featured prominently among British military edged weapons over the past five centuries, from the Wars of the Roses in the mid fifteenth century to the period immediately after the second Boer War of the early twentieth century.

In setting out to give a full account of the hilt type, and the many variants within it, the first necessity has been to provide an appropriate terminology to employ in cataloguing and describing individual examples. The book, well illustrated with black and white illustrations, falls into several parts, dealing successively with general aspects of various hilt types and discussion of typological methodology, the three major groups of basket-hilted swords, the diverse group of incomplete basket hilts, ‘mortuary’ hilts, and hilts closely related to ‘mortuary’ hilts.

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The 44 Henry rim fire cartridge was designed for the lever-action, repeating Henry rifle designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in the late ‘s. The Henry rifle was an improved version of the earlier Volcanic Repeating rifle. One heavily engraved Henry rifle was given to President Abraham Lincoln to help procure a government contract, but the Union forces only bought 1, rifles, although many Union soldiers bought their own to use in the war.

By the time production ended in , after the Civil War, approximately 14, units had been manufactured.. The Henry rifle was the forerunner of the Winchester Model lever-action rifle, as after the Civil War, Oliver Winchester bought the failed Henry Company and improved the rifle to make the famous “Winchester Model “, which also used the 44 Henry Rim Fire cartridge and then later the different centerfire calibers.

George Custer’s men only had single shot Springfield rifles, which is one of the reasons why they call it the massacre at the Little Big Horn. It is also interesting to note that numerous revolvers were also chambered for the. The 44 Henry cartridge used copper later brass rim-fire cases containing 25 grains 1.

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Beginning January 1st, California law requires that all ammunition sales be conducted face-to-face, meaning no internet sales to California residents. Therefore, any ammunition being shipped to California address will need to be shipped to the address of a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer, either yourself if you are the licensed dealer, or to the licensed dealer who will handle the face-to-face transaction.

Home of the Old Ammo Guy’s Virtual Cartridge Trading Table Offering a wide range of antique, obsolete, and modern ammunition and related items for collectors Please note: Unless otherwise indicated, the pictures on this web site are my property, and should not be used by anyone without my permission. Cartridge boxes, guns, gun parts, powder flasks and cans, loading tools, and related items for sale or trade.. I will list here cartridge boxes and other gun and ammo related items as I get them in.

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No exceptions on shipping. Second, this is all old nos vintage ammo in collectible boxes. Third, these will be available here for around 3 days or so then they will be listed elsewhere. No corrosion or tarnish. Look just like the day they were made. Boxes are in darn good condition also. Internet stinks here so hard to load pics, if wanted I can load some tomorrow at lunchtime.

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This gives you a search box in the lower left corner of the screen in most browsers. Use the up and down arrows to move from one “civil” to the next “civil”. This same technique works on most web pages and can be used anywhere to search the page you are on. At this website it is also useful for finding things in the item index on a catalog.

July – Marlin plant to be closed, three new boxes of originals for sale, Ross Seyfried on the Stoeger catalog, Lawrence of Arabia, William’s Schoverling, Daly and Gales bicycle, Special Books by Charles W. Sawyer and Edward Farrow, many Gun Digest books, Barrel & Receiver Codes and Markings, the ’09 Savage and Remington some.

Superb display piece of the period for use with these revolvers. Great find for display with your Krag rifle or Carbine. As used for ceremonies, training horses in the US Cavalry for combat, etc. No label on carton. This ammo also issued with the various early. Great find for the arms collection. Dated , these are the same as issued in WW2 through the Vietnam War. These are dated The one shown has been opened to show the content.

The lot of 10 with carton. Price per box, shown with original shipping crate, crate not included Rare carton of US Army ammo. Blank Cartridges Antique Winchester 25 round carton of. Made by lake City Ordnance Plant and cartridges dated , these 50 round cartons of M6 Grenade Launching cartridges were replaced by the Smaller 6 round carton to save these cartridges from being lost and thrown away because of the large capacity boxes.

Remington Old Ammo Boxes 30-06 & 12 Ga.

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